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Selecting Tile Flooring for Different Rooms: A Quick Guide

Flooring can make or break the look of your house. The look and finish of the flooring plays a major role in a home improvement project. When you choose flooring for your home do not go by the look. Purpose of the room, interior décor, and budget are a few things that should come into consideration. When it comes to selecting flooring that is trendy, easy to maintain and affordable most home owners opt for tiles.

While selecting flooring you should remember that different areas of your house require different types of tiles depending on their purpose, functionality and decor.

Going through the following guide will help you to choose proper tile flooring for each area of your house.

Stain-Resistant Porcelain:

It is a popular choice for the kitchen. Porcelain is a better option than natural stone because it can resist stain. When it comes to kitchen flooring, neutral shades are preferable. You can choose a grout color but pick up a dark shade to hide the inevitable oil, dirt and dust accumulation.
Slate Look Porcelain: Something strong is required for the laundry room and slate look porcelain is the ideal flooring option for this room. A casual look is preferred for this area of your house. Slate look porcelain lends the look and elegance of natural stone. Its moisture resistant capability makes it the ideal choice for your laundry room.

Stone like Porcelain:

The natural look of stone like porcelain goes well with the patio. The timeless appeal makes this flooring option a popular choice among people. Easy to clean and easy to maintain stone like porcelain is the perfect choice for outdoor flooring. Durability and moisture resistance are added advantage.

Small Mosaic Tiles:

Small tiles are good for smaller rooms so it can be a good choice for bathroom flooring. They are easy to install and come in a variety of shades for creating different patterns and wonderful mosaics on bathroom floor. Small tiles combined with appropriate color and décor can give your bathroom a trendy look.

Vinyl Tile:

Large and heavy vinyl tiles may not suit anywhere else in a house but are the perfect choice for the basement. The wooden look is appropriate for basement. The damp proof and durable vinyl tiles when installed properly can add life to your basement flooring without a lot of maintenance activities.

Natural Stone Tiles:

This is the best option for outdoor spaces like patios, forays, poolside and around pet house. Natural stone can withstand the damage and erosion cause by weather elements. Various types of natural stone tiles are available in the market but slate is a popular choice as its non-slippery surface exudes an earthen look that goes well with the outdoor atmosphere.

Slip-Resistant Slate:

It is the ideal option for entryways that are more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Slip-resistant slate is durable. The natural color hides the dirt and dust that accumulate on the surface of the entryways.