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New Image Flooring is proud to offer Edgewood Matting Products.

We supply:
  • Commercial Matting;
  • Entrance Matting;
  • Industrial, Safety and Antifatigue Matting Modular Matting;
  • Sports Matting, Retail Matting, Matting Accessories.

Mats to Suit Your Needs

Scraper or Recessed Well Matting

This is the first line of defence against dirt and water in an exterior vestibule or inside a building. This matting aggressively removes water, snow and sand from your footwear.


These 2-way matting systems are the ultimate in defence against dirt and moisture inside your building, protecting people from slips and floors from damage. Maintenance costs will also be kept to a minimum.

Wiper Matting

The last line of defence inside a building. This matting wipes residual water from your shoes, and traps and holds fine sand.

The Truth About Dirt
      • It can cost more than $500 to remove 1 pound of dirt after it has been tracked into a building.
      • Up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked into a building by just 1000 people coming through an entrance every day over a 20 day work period.
      • Without adequate matting, 42% of a floor’s finish can be removed within the first 6 feet of an entrance after only 1500 people have walked in.
Inlay Logo Program

Looking for a way to brand your business and provide a great first impression? We can take your business logo or graphic, however intricate, and integrate it into an ultimate performance product for your lobby, board room or anywhere you want to make a statement.

Owning versus Renting

The most common objection that customers give to the purchase of mats is that they rent their matting. Rental mats provide an obvious convenience factor for the customer, however, there are issues to consider that purchasing may resolve:

        1. Rental mats provide a limited range of mat widths, lengths and colors.
        2. Dye lots may be inconsistent and not match throughout the facility.
        3. Rental mats are usually only wiper mats. A complete matting system requires the use of both scraper and wiper mats.
        4. Maintenance staff often end up vacuuming rental mats on a daily basis as part of their cleaning routine.
        5. You can often purchase a mat for the same cost as renting the same mat for 4-5 months.
        6. In the summer months, less matting is required. Does your contract adapt to summer requirements?
        7. Rental mats normally have grippers on the back to help keep them from shifting when placed on carpeted surfaces. The issue of mats shifting can be resolved for purchased mats as well with Matgrip II, Slip-Chek or T-Baud.
        1. Mat purchasing is more cost effective.
        2. Mat purchasing provides more variety in soil protection.
        3. Mat purchasing provides a wider selection when it comes to aesthetics.
        4. Mat purchasing provides a wider selection when it comes to dimensions.

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