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Floor Covering Tips to Bring Perfection to Your Home Decor

Flooring is considered to be one of the most significant home improvement solutions that any home décor expert will agree. A right floor covering option can enhance the look and feel of your home. However, if treated with negligence it can damage the overall ambience too.

Successful floor installation is all about how good you are in selecting the right floor materials, understanding the color and design mix and finally ordering it from a good supplier. Floor that is sturdy, stable and scratch resistant over time is the ideal pick for all seasons. With little bit of research work, planning and expert suggestions it is possible to make the best use of flooring choices. Apart from manufacturer’s instruction manual there are lots of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tips that you can apply to your own home.

Some of the popular floors covering choices include vinyl, carpet, rubber, tiles, bamboo, laminate and hardwood. Here we shall discuss on a few floor coverings that you may find useful and affordable.

Vinyl floor covering:

Vinyl floors are installed using standard size tiles up to 1 sq. foot. The tiles can be installed directly over the concrete or wooden subfloors, but not recommended on existing laminate or vinyl flooring. All subfloors should contain a moisture vapor level of less than 5 pounds per 1000 square foot area over a 24 hours period. Before installation the rooms need to be acclimated for two days. This is to avoid shrinking or cracking due to temperature variation. Vinyl flooring needs application of adhesive.

Carpet floor covering:

Carpet flooring is still the most popular floor covering choice in Edmonton and these are easier to maintain as well. Similar to vinyl flooring, carpet can be installed on any subfloor or floor except vinyl sheet and existing carpet covering. Subfloors need to be dry (70 degrees temperature) and clean so that the adhesive can work properly. Carpet flooring needs to maintain patterns and borders for greater look. While installing it care should be taken so that the tiles are not overlapped and there is no gap between the joints.

Rubber flooring:

Rubber tiles come in a standard size of 18 square inch. They can be installed on any type of subfloors except ceramic and terrazzo. The material requires extra vapor or moisture to be added before adhesive is applied to fix it. Rubber tiles should be lined up so that the corners are aligned and it gets symbolic appearance.

Hardwood floor covering:

Most of the wood floorings have multi-layered surface finish coupled with water-resistant layer that requires almost no maintenance. However, selection of wood material is important for hardwood floor covering. Solid hardwood can only be installed above grade over a wood subfloor as wood is susceptible to temperature and humidity changes. Engineered wood can also be used the same way as it is less likely to be affected by environmental changes.

Similarly, bamboo and laminate floor covering come with lots of do’s and don’ts. Once you collect handful information on each type of flooring, it will be easier to take final call.

To know more about floor covering trends and tips you should visit flooring companies in Edmonton. They would be of great help if quality materials, workmanship and trendy designs are of high priority.