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Easy yet Effective Ways to Clean and Maintain Area Rugs in Your Home


A well-decorated and properly placed area rug can add visual perfection to your interior decor and can give extra layer of protection to hardwood, ceramic and laminate floors.  Area rugs are soft to touch, warm to feel and just perfect to create a fresh look in your room.

However, when you have area rugs in highly populated areas of home they become dirty soon. Moreover, area rugs may easily shift and bunch up if handled unsafe. This is quite obvious when you have children, pets and large number of guests stepping over it all through the day. Weather conditions too can damage area rugs.

Therefore, one needs to take special care of area rugs. They should look smooth, straight and tripping all the time. Cleaning is the only option you can try to increase the durability of area rug.  You can clean a rug manually or with the help of carpet cleaner which you can buy or hire on rent.

Following are some useful tips on cleaning and maintenance of area rugs.

Initial steps:
  • Prepare the area rug prior to cleaning.  Move all the toys and heavy pieces of furniture off the rug.
  • Then roll the rug up starting from one corner. Move it to a less populated area where you can dry it out without gaining stains. Make sure that area is clean.
  • Next you have to vacuum the loose dirt, particles and pet hair. Run the vacuum cleaner over it until the debris is removed.
For manual cleaning:
  • You can also purchase carpet cleaning solution from market and apply them for manual cleaning.
  • First of all you can gather all your cleaning supplies near the dirty area rug. This may include bowl of hot water, cleaning solution, brush and drier.
  • Now spray the solution in a row from the top of the rug. Distribute the entire area evenly.
  • Take soft bristle brush to rub the solution on the rug.  Applying it in a circular motion is needed for a deep cleaning. Cover the entire area after you spray.
  • Finally dip the rag into hot water, wring it out well and wipe the area and rinse.
  • Follow the same procedure repeatedly.
For vacuum cleaning:
  • Purchase or rent a carpet cleaner first.  Purchasing a brand new cleaner will cost you somewhat around $50 to $400. Renting it will cost you less around $20 a day.
  • Use cleaner over the rugs in a row and trigger the push buttons to release water and soap solutions. Take the machine back and forth and repeat the process twice for each row of the rugs.

If you want to avoid rugs from creeping, use rug pads.  Thicker rug pads will not only keep the rugs in place but also provide additional cushioning.

The above mentioned tips can help you maintain area rugs for years to come. Consult rug suppliers in your area and collect further information on it if required.