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6 Easy Tips to Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is one of the most sought after flooring options. The elegant look and durability make people prefer hardwood flooring over other choices. The timeless appeal and the classy look of hardwood flooring have increased its demand. This type of flooring can last long. However, you will have to take proper care of it. With proper care and maintenance hardwood can last a decade. Without care it will lose its appeal soon. Scratches, dirt and dust can make hardwood flooring look dull and unattractive. No matter how good the finish is, regular maintenance is a must.

Go through the tips given below to know how to maintain hardwood flooring.


Hardwood flooring appears to be solid but they can be damaged easily by dirt and dust accumulation. It is necessary to keep your floor clean and dry. Make sure to use cleaner that is especially created for hardwood flooring. Instead of using wet mops on the floor you should vacuum it.


Hardwood flooring can fade easily due to exposure to sunlight. Monitor the amount of direct sunlight the floor is exposed to. Using a translucent or opaque curtain can solve the problem. Rearrange the furniture periodically. This will help you to avoid discoloration at one spot.


Scratches can make the hardwood flooring look unappealing. If you have pets at home you must have noticed that they have a tendency to scratch the floor with their nails. Trim their nails so that they can not scratch the floor. High hells or stilettos can also damage hardwood. Limit their use on the flooring.

Use Rugs:

It is a wise decision to put rugs at the entrances of your home. Rugs absorb loose dirt and dust and help to keep the floor clean.


It is important to wipe up any spill immediately. If you spill gum or wax on the floor, you should apply ice first and then scrap it from the floor. Make sure not to apply force while scraping wax or gum. Use a dry cloth right after using a wet mop so that the floor doesn’t absorb moisture.