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A Quick and Easy Guide to Maintain Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring today is no longer a low-cost, heavy-duty substitute for wood or stone flooring. Rather it is an important category of home interior that has truly developed on its own. Whether it is for extensiveness of designs, fineness of finish, format, colors or the texture, laminate flooring has truly captured the essence of natural flooring.

Laminate floors consist of resin, wood fiber and paper bonded together with an artificial surface that gives the look of natural wood. Maintaining this glossy, clean surface for years is a trick. Continuous cleaning, preventive measures and repair work can keep your laminate flooring look like wood for years to come.

Although laminate floors are strong, scratch resistant and stain resistant they need special care to avoid damage. Since maintenance process does not take much time and effort you can always control durability and appearance of your laminate floor.

Following are a few easy tips to guide you on laminate floor maintenance.

Preventive actions:

The best way to avoid damage is to prevent it from external forces.  Try removing loose dirt that is left on the floor. Else, this may cause unwanted scratches.  Putting mats in the doorways or using rugs in sitting areas can protect floor from dirt and damaging feet. Using small protective pads under chair legs and other movable furniture would also work well. Regular sweeping with dirt pan and brush can avoid dirt from settling.  Vacuuming is also a good option.


For removing simple scratches and gouges on the floor you can buy a repair kit from a local hardware store. Using waxy repair sticks and paste can fill in and smooth out simple scratches. A standard crayon of matching color as the floor can do the same job.


Household cleaners are not suitable for use on laminate flooring. They leave unwanted streaks. One should clean it with as little moisture and chemicals as possible. Here is a simple and natural way to do it.

Take ¼ cup of white vinegar, make a solution with half a gallon of hot water and mop with a well-wrung sponge. Laminate floor cleaner or non-soap detergents can also be used for the same purpose. Next you have to dip a mop into the solution. Make sure the mop is not wet soaked and damp. While mopping process is on, you can apply vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the corners of the floors.


Don’t use vacuum cleaner with a revolving beating bar as its hard bristles may damage the floor surface.
Avoid using polish, wax or varnish as they can spoil the surface over a period of time.
Don’t use glossy agents. These may give laminate floors an unsightly, patchy look and finally invalidate the floor’s warranty too.
Never ever soak the floor while cleaning. Excess water and moisture can seep into the surface and take away the finish of laminate floors. Durability will be in danger too.
Don’t drag furniture across floor surface as it may create dents and patches on lamination.
Avoid standing water on laminate surface as this can lead to cracking and warping.

By following these simple instructions you can expect long life for the laminate floors in your home. In case you need help of professional flooring service, it is better you decide it in the beginning. Contact a flooring company in Edmonton to make a free visit to your home and know your requirements in detail.